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7 Toy Winners of the Good Design Award

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These seven winners of the Good Design Award are winners from the toy division from the last four years. These toys won not only for their aesthetic appeal but also the hours of fun they provide. There are some awesome toys among them for children—and the child-like—so read on to check them out!

7. Pipegram

Pipegram is a fun "tube toy" with multiple pieces that can be connected to make cool 3-D shapes. Each bar can be bent, creating new shapes while allowing users to learn about various three-dimensional shapes and objects. Suitable for both children and adults, this toy is as entertaining as it is educational.

6. Eponte Color Stamp

The Eponte Color Stamp was designed to fit in the tiny hands of children. Each stamp prints one of three colors—pink, blue or yellow—which can be overlapped, teaching your children about the color combinations of primary colors.

5. D-Bike Mini

The D-Bike Mini hopes to be the cute first ride for your toddler. This cool trike has rounded corners for utmost comfort and with the safety of your kids in mind. Designed to help babies and young kids develop their physical coordination, children can also improve their communication skills as well while playing with mom or dad.

4. Sunny Park FX series

Suitable for children aged three and above, this fun, colorful sand-play set is made from rubber, making it a soft and highly durable toy ready for hours of safe and healthy fun.

3. Chohenkan!! Mojibakeru

This is a really cool toy set where animals transform into the shape of their kanji (Japanese written characters borrowed from Chinese). Suitable for toddlers, even adults will love this opportunity to improve their kanji reading skills.

2. Pipe Animals

These cool critters are made entirely from paper! Considered an advanced relative of origami, these animals are made by folding and cutting paper, transforming the flat 2-D material into the most wonderful and colorful of creations. Animals include elephants, penguins, alligators, lions, parrots, dolphins, bears, sea otters, crabs and giraffe. Truly something for everybody!

1. Rocca

At the top of our list are these hexagonal 2-D shapes that, when combined, can form amazing shapes that seem to leap off the table! A game that won a 2012 Good Design Award in the toy design category both domestically and internationally, players can find several distinct patterns in bright colors as well as simple versions.