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Mao Asada Goes Kung-fu Against the Common Cold

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It seems an Olympic silver medal, three World championships, three Four Continents championships and four Grand Prix Final championships aren't enough for figure skater Mao Asada. Just like so many sportspeople before her, she wants to be an action star, too.

Being the only female figure skater to land three triple axels in a single competition probably gives her an edge in performing high-flying kung-fu. In this commercial for Stona cold medicine, Asada fights her Black Swan-styled evil twin in a rumble somewhere between Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon (known as Green Destiny in Japan, by the way) and the Burly Brawl in The Matrix Reloaded.

Will it sell cold medicine? Who knows? But it sure makes us want to see Asada in a showdown with Zhang Ziyi.