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Top 8 Gourmet Convenience Store Sweets

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It seems Japan's ubiquitous convenience stores, or combini, have been setting their sights on famous cake shops, experimenting with tasty sweets that can be sold for cheap. And some cake shops are even getting in on the action by releasing their own exclusive offerings just for combini! The winner? Anyone with a sweet tooth!

8. Mini Stop — Fondant Chocolat

Mini Stop's tantalizing fondant chocolat has vanilla soft-serve ice cream and raspberry sauce on top. The dark chocolate sauce filler goes great with this sweet combination!

7. Family Mart — Pablo Cheese Tart

Pablo has been getting a lot of attention for its massive cheese tarts. The chain is so famous these days that even if you wait in line, you might only find they've sold out well before closing time!

But if you need your sweet cheese fix, you can now find this tiny little Pablo Cheese Tart at your local Family Mart convenience store. Get your hands on the flavor without waiting in line!

6. Circle K Sunkus — Caramel Fondue Ring

What seems to be a doughnut in this picture is actually a mousse custard from Circle K Sunkus. The custard is so soft that it will dissolve as soon as it touches the tip of your tongue. Under it is a sponge cake, seasoned with fondue sauce and filled with delicious custard cream. Yummy!

5. Lawson — Mont Blanc

You can find Mont Blanc sweets anywhere, but at Lawson, the Mont Blanc cream is made of Japanese chestnut with a whole chestnut on top! With its tender sweetness and delicate decorations, this dessert can compete with Mont Blanc from any elite pâtisserie.

4. Lawson — Rare Cheese Dorayaki

Dorayaki, a kind of Japanese red bean pancake sandwich, is a traditional Japanese sweet. Normally it's filled with red adzuki beans, but at Lawson, you can find dorayaki produced by Uchi Café, a notable Japanese cake shop. Lawson's dorayaki are filled with delicious rare cheese surrounded by a soft and sweet sponge pancake. Prepare yourself: after you've tried this, you'll find that just one is not enough!

3. Family Mart — Dip Macarons

Normal macarons are filled with different flavors of cream, but these Family Mart macarons do everything inside-out. Within this dip macaron package you'll find crispy and colorful macarons along with a small dipping cream box. It's not just delicious—it's also fun to eat!

2. Lawson — Uchi Café Premium Matcha Roll Cake

Both tasty and inexpensive, these Uchi Café roll cakes are real competition for the big cake shops. Made of thick sponge cake and rich cream filler, we especially suggest the Premium Matcha flavor. The name says it all!

1. Circle K Sunkus — Choux Cream

It's always hard to bring a choux cream home, since the cream part might be messed up when you carry it in a normal cake box. But Sunkus' choux cream comes in a special box that will protect the crispy crust and the sweet, soft cream inside. Now you can enjoy your perfect choux cream without any worries!