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6 Deadly All-You-Can-Eat Pâtisseries in Tokyo

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6 Deadly All-You-Can-Eat Pâtisseries in Tokyo

Let us give you some unsolicited advice: If you're on a diet, just close this tab now. Otherwise you'll be drooling all over the keyboard after seeing these all-you-can-eat pâtisseries we've collected!

6. Garden Lounge (Hotel New Otani)

Plenty of sandwiches and desserts to be found here! Not so easy to taste them all, since it will take you well more than the time limit. Look outside the windows between bites so you can see the Japanese-style garden as well.

5. Ventaglio (Mandarin Oriental Hotel)

Ventaglio is the pâtisserie in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel. The buffet course is available only on weekends. With the wide space filled with cakes, jellies, ice cream and a mountain of cookies—plus some top-class tea—you can eat until your soul is fulfilled. Not just delicious, but a good-looking sweet feast that you'll want to snap some shots of as well!

4. BitterSweets Buffet (Shinjuku Lumine Est)

The dessert course isn't the only thing here, and you can get food as well. You'll find a lot of bite-sized cakes lined up on the shelves, plus crêpes made to order!

- (Japanese)

3. Takano Fruit Bar (Shinjuku)

Takano is known for its high-quality fruit, and the Shinjuku branch offers all-you-can-eat fruit cake! You won't be able to get enough of these great fruits and great sweets!

2. Mouffetard de Paris (Shinjuku I-Land Tower)

This pâtisserie was opened by a pâtissier with 30 years of experience. You can have all of the best cakes and sweets without breaking the bank, so how can you resist? The cakes change every season, so there's always a reason to go back!

- (Japanese)

1. The Terrace (The Westin Tokyo)

The Terrace is the pâtisserie inside The Westin Tokyo in Ebisu. The recommended menu is fresh baked soufflé directly served to your table. But don't forget the rest of the menu, like expertly decorated chocolate or fruit—all the rage for anyone with a sweet tooth!