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Top 5 'Frozen' Bento

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What better for snow season than a delightful bunch of bento based on Disney's Frozen? Shirley Wong from Little Miss Bento has set us up with a winter-wonderful selection!

5. Kawaii Elsa & Olaf Bento

This kawaii version of Elsa was made from colored rice, seaweed and thin egg sheet. Simiarly, Olaf is made of rice, seaweed, carrot, and thin egg sheet. The snowflakes are fish cake (hanpen) shaped using snowflake cutters—so they're not actually as hard as they look!

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4. Olaf X-Mas Bento

We've done this little guy before, so we'll just offer a brief note and be on our way! Olaf's hat is made out of crabstick, his eyes, mouth and hands are made out of seaweed, and his teeth and eye whites were cut from Japanese fish cake (hanpen).

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3. Olaf Sushi Art Roll

This guy may be adorable, but he's going to test your sushi skills! Olaf's buttons are made from sweet gourd strips (kanpyo), his mouth is colored with ground sesame, his teeth are made from fishcake strips (kamaboko), and a small, triangular carrot strip forms his nose. As for the rest, you'd better look at the step-by-step instructions below!

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2. Frozen 'Tsum Tsum' Bento

Disney Tsum Tsum, or Disney Stack-Stack, started out as a Line game similar to Dr. Mario: line up three of the same character and they'll disappear. The girls in this pudgy faced Frozen crew are made from rice mixed with ketchup. Elsa and Anna use white and brown egg sheet for their hair, respectively. Olaf's teeth are made from white egg sheet, and his nose—naturally—is a carrot slice. Cut seaweed makes up their eyes and eyebrows.

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1. Olaf & Snow Queen Elsa Bento

To get Elsa's shape, Shilrey just placed a printed image over her seaweed and cut out the outlines. Note the edible silver dust on the hair! Olaf, on the other hand, is made of hard boiled quail eggs accentuated with seaweed and carrot. So no rice this time! Check out the full post below for detailed instructions!

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