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8 Adorable Animal Bread Recipes

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Shirley Wong at Little Miss Bento has a knack for making everything adorable. Her bread recipes will bowl you over with cute even as you're baking!

8. Homemade Milo Tiger Bread Buns

These little guys are filled with homemade Milo custard filling (Milo is a chocolate malt drink). Based on Japanese soft bread, you can check out the recipe below!

7. Cute Chick Japanese Curry Bread

These cute chicks have hearts made of Japanese curry. The directions below include instructions for both the homemade curry and the fluffy buns, complete with chocolate chip eyes and carrot slice noses.

6. Bunny Bread Buns

These bunnies are simple to make using an animal bread mold. You can find instructions below for doing it by hand or using a bread maker!

5. Kitty Bread Buns

The brown patches on these pull-apart kitty bread buns are made by brushing on some egg wash mixed with cocoa powder. But more importantly, did you spot the one that's facing the other way?

4. Bird Bread Anpan

These almond-beaked little birds hide a red bean (an or anko) filling. Make a bunch and line your pretty birds up in a row!

3. Bear Bread in a Cone Cup

If you can do cupcakes in ice cream cone cups, why not bread? And if bread, why not make adorable cocoa bears?

2. Teddy in a Box Bread

The key here is how to shape the teddy bears in their boxes. You can find the recipe for the bread itself here, and the boxing instructions below.

1. Bunny & Bear Pull-Apart Bread

These puffy bears and bunnies are pudgily adorable! Use deep fried pasta sticks to attach the bunny ears, then be prepared to melt in the cute!