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The Real Wall-E of Snow Clearing

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Winter brings with it a flurry of snowstorms and bad weather that can seriously disrupt people’s lives. And who really has the time or energy to shovel snow all day?

Enter Yuki Taro. This snow-gobbling little guy is here to make all your problems melt away—as long as they’re snow-related, that is.

Yuki Taro, whose name translates to “Snow Taro” (Taro being a boy’s name) is an innovative little ‘bot who “eats” snow, compacts it inside its stomach, and then “poops” it out into ergonomic little blocks, which it then proceeds to neatly stack in piles. In this way, Yuki Taro efficiently clears the streets of bothersome snow.

Yuki Taro is completely self-automated, uses a GPS system to navigate along streets and around parked cars, and is able to recognize human obstacles in its path and re-navigate accordingly, thanks to its stereo vision and infrared sensor.

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