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Behold the Magic of Snow Sakura!

Cherry Blossoms Snow Shoryudo Nagano

In late March, despite the bitter cold winds, sakura cherry blossoms begin to bloom, signaling the arrival of spring. But what happens when Jack Frost decides to stick around for a couple more weeks? In 2013, the residents of Nagano Prefecture witnessed first hand the beauty of Mr. Frost's work—with snow-covered sakura.

Clear blue skies, perfect white snow and delicate pink flowers are what make up this stunning vista.

This photo looks as if you're about to step into Narnia in springtime.

Hopefully the flowers made it through the cold patch.

The snow crystallizing around the pearly pink blossoms reminds us of just how fragile Mother Nature is.

One day, two seasons.

This cotton-candy colored mountain speckled with a couple of homes is truly a site to behold.

One can only hope this coming spring season will usher in the same kind of phenomenon!

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