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Share a Gorgeous Passion for Otsu

Video Shoryudo Otsu Shiga Kansai

Osamu Hasegwa is one of our favourite filmmakers, and in his latest film, “Passion for Otsu—Youngest Mayor in Japan: Naomi Koshi,” he combines his stylistic technique with a vivid storyline.

After highlighting his fantastic film on Kyoto, a masterful glimpse into the city's life and spirit, we're returning to his work this time by heading next door to Otsu.

"Passion for Otsu" highlights the raw natural beauty of another traditional Japanese city by focusing on its mayor: Japan’s youngest woman to take the office.

Namoi Koshi grew up in Otsu, having moved there with her family at the age of five. Koshi fondly remembers her childhood there—a member of the swimming team at her elementary school, she often enjoyed swimming in Lake Biwa, world famous for its IAAF Gold Label Marathon.

If you want to check out more of Hasegawa’s Films be sure to check out his website.