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44 Reasons to Visit the Chugoku Region

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Nestled between Kansai and Kyushu in western Japan, the Chugoku region is often one of the most overlooked tourist destinations in the country. Yet the region possesses myriad museums, gardens, shrines and castles to tempt even the most templed-out tourist. Not enough? How about sand dunes, manga factories and a rabbit island? The area is rich in history and culture, and absolutely abounds with things to do and see.

Okayama Prefecture is home to Okayama Castle, and also holds one of Japan’s top three landscape gardens, which offers incredible, unique views in every season. Tsuyama Castle, in Tsuyama City, Okayama, is arguably one of the best cherry blossom viewing destinations in all of Japan. Chugoku is also home to famous landmarks including Hiroshima City and the Peace Memorial Park, as well as the nearby Miyajima and its floating red torii gate.

Chugoku is definitely a can't-miss region of Japan. Check out a full guide and details below!

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