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Femtech to Fight Menstruation Issues

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The femtech market is slowly expanding in Japan together with the advancement of women. Fermata, a company that focuses on developing the well-being of women, held a pop-up event in a department store in Tokyo. Menstrual cups and absorbent period underwear were among the array of femtech products that were on display this day.

According to Japan's economy ministry, the socioeconomic impact of women's menstrual disorders is estimated to be around 700 billion yen a year. An increasing number of Japanese companies are joining the battle to tackle the loss. Budget fashion brand GU, operated by Fast Retailing Group that also runs UNIQLO, launched new underwear on Monday. The company showcased its new period undies on March 8, International Women's Day. They boast the underwear can hold two pads' worth of fluid.

Shiina Reiko, an official at GU said, "We hope people can talk about these products like they do with fashion, and help more female customers live a healthier life." The global femtech market is expected to expand to a scale of 5 trillion yen by 2025.