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Fighting Unconscious Bias in Male Students

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A group of students in a women's university launched a project to fight against unconscious bias. This is what their online class with a boys middle school looked like.

The instructor asked the students, "What kind of traits do you think a princess has?" One student answered, "Being pretty." Another said a princess has to have "nice hair."

Unconscious bias includes implicit gender biases, which are reinforced from a very young age. "Men should not cry," or "women should be modest" are just a few of the examples. On this day, the students discussed topics such as "the change in princess characters" and "First Gentleman" to explore their hidden bias.

One student offered his feedback to NTV24, "I noticed that I had always thought men have to work outside, and women have to do chores at home. It was an eye-opening experience." The university students hope the experience will give people an opportunity to embrace diversity.