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Seasonal Sushi Donated to Frontline Workers

Sushi Stay Home

A sushi restaurant in Tokyo’s Tsukiji area donated 100 sushi rolls to frontline workers at a hospital that treats coronavirus patients. Some people believe eating the seasonal rolls, called ehomaki, on the last day of winter on the Japanese lunar calendar brings good luck.

Sushi chefs began preparing the thick ehomaki at 5 a.m. on February 2.

The sushi restaurant owner told NTV24, "We’re going through hard times, too. But we thought about what a sushi shop can do to make people in the toughest situation happy." The owner said he disinfected the kitchen to ensure a safe cooking environment.

The roll has seven fillings including simmered conger eel and prawns. The chefs packed them in boxes with a message of appreciation on the cover. They delivered them to the Tokyo Medical and Dental University’s Medical Hospital.