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Hiroshima Peace Memorial Restoration Update

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The press got to see the interior of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial that has been undergoing preservation work since last September. The structure is a symbol of the devastation of the 1945 atomic bombing of the western Japanese city.

The dome-shaped steel frame atop the building had turned pink but workers painted it brown, close to the color just after the bombing. This is the fifth preservation work at the so-called Atomic Bomb Dome, costing around 80 million yen.

The latest project includes painting the dome frame and spiral staircase and repairing cracks in the pillars. According to a Hiroshima city official, "The Atomic Bomb Dome is a witness of history that tells of the tragedies of the atomic bomb. We will work on preserving it so that we can pass it on to the next century."

The work is about 70 percent done and is scheduled for completion by the end of March.