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  • Drawing from an extensive multicultural database and resources, Spoon & Tamago attempts to comprehensively cover all aspects of Japanese design, from fine art and architecture to product and graphic design.

  • NIPPON TV NEWS 24 JAPAN is the English news service of Nippon Television Network, Japan's leading broadcast network. This page provides a selection of the latest news and other stories to keep you informed about what is happening in Japan.

  • Headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, SoraNews24 is a bilingual news blog. Since our humble launch in 2008 we’ve built a massive fan base by reporting the interesting, strange and random.

  • Trip101 is a one-stop guide for travel enthusiasts around the world. Supported by an ever-growing community of travel writers, we provide inspiration and quality content to help facilitate travel in a fun and meaningful manner! Be it destination guides, accommodation reviews or travel tips, Trip101 always shares the freshest, most comprehensive and interesting travel recommendations around the world.

  • We love Japan, and we hope we can help you find something you can love about it, too! We're always looking for something fun, weird, exciting or intriguing to highlight just how fascinating this place can be.

  • Hello! I'm Neal, from Jacksonville, Florida. I've been living in Japan for almost seven years now, first in Gunma Prefecture and now in Kanagawa. I run an international school in Kawasaki and when I'm not chasing kids around, I'm writing and shooting film.

  • How far would you go to discover the soul of Japan? That was the question asked by Dean Newcombe and team when they decided to do create Japan's first adventure travel show, runAway: Soul of Japan! Filmed over two months, the runAway team dives deep into the heart of Japan using only natural energy to traverse some of the country's most rugged and beautiful landscapes!

  • From Melbourne, Australia, Steve currently lives in Niigata City. His passions include discovering local sake, marathoning anime, and traveling as much of Japan as possible.

  • Japanophile, engaged in translation, interpretation, journalism, food tours, modeling, acting, and voice acting.

  • Writer, conservationist and wildlife photographer with a passion for travelling and the great outdoors. I come from New Zealand, currently live in Japan, and have visited countries in Europe, Asia, the Pacific and Africa.
    My personal mission is to re-connect people and nature together again.

  • What is the craziest, weirdest thing you’ve tried in Tokyo? Is it an otaku culture? Shrines? Green tea snacks? Strong Zero? Being one of the go-to sources for fun and wacky things to do in Japan’s vibrant capital, #TokyoChallenge is always looking for fun and creative ways to challenge its writers to get out and explore Tokyo; every month, we send our writers out on a dare to diverge from the beaten path and travel in ways few have dared travel before.

  • Hailing from the UK, Phoebe is a Tokyo-based multimedia journalist, covering everything from business and innovation to travel and food. She can often be found eating, cycling and exploring, sometimes all at the same time.

  • Elizabeth is a writer and stay-at-home mother wrapping up her PhD dissertation in Japanese and Canadian History from her home in Kyushu. If she’s not in a bookstore scouring the shelves for new finds, flipping through a recent fashion magazine, or ordering a royal milk tea to go, she is probably in a nearby park teaching her daughter the names of flowers in English and Japanese.

  • I'm a Japanese translator and writer. Besides work and occasional translation projects, I enjoy listening to music (of any kind) and surfing the Internet.

  • Put your about me info here.

  • Actor, director and writer who called Japan home for nine years before moving to NYC. Lover of the stage and all things Final Fantasy. Hobbies include drawing, gaming, gym, and cooking (not simultaneously).

  • I'm a Northern Irish freelance writer living in Tokyo. I love reading, playing rugby and traveling around Japan when I get the chance. I also spend much time eating Japanese food and wrestling with my dodgy Japanese language skills.

  • Way back in 2007 I came to Japan on a whim, fell in love with the country, and have been living here full-time since 2013. I’ve lived in Hiroshima, Kyoto and most recently Nagoya, and when I’m not working I’m usually found sightseeing or zooming around the Nagoya area on my bicycle.

  • Writer, director and photographer based in the Kansai region of Japan. Passionate about finding unique places to travel to, and also the performing arts.

  • A wonderlist for your wanderlust.
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