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  • Our mission at Nihon Ichiban is to make both the traditional and modern Japanese lifsetyle more accessible to the rest of the world. We cover food, crafts, fashion, design and much more!

  • Tokyo Otaku Mode is all about sharing Japanese otaku culture with the rest of the world.

  • I'm a standup comedian performing in Japanese and English, a comic book artist, and a storyteller of all kinds.

  • An internet media site about anime and otaku culture, Honey's Anime abounds with fan polls, top 10 lists, cosplay collections and recommendations for series you'll definitely want to check out next!

  • Our Tokyo-based team is ideally placed to bring you the latest in Japan & Asia tech news, the cool and the cultural. Our privileged, personal relationships with major industry players allow us to offer previews, reviews and interviews found nowhere else.

  • Sarcastic British guy living in Japan. Wonderful and bizarre and experiences await. As seen on TV! BBC, The Guardian, Reddit, Daily Mail, Gizmodo, Huffington Post, Daily Telegraph, The Independent, London Metro, RocketNews24. Presented by Chris Broad.

  • We're highlighting people that contribute to what AAJ is all about—Japan! AAJ reached out to some of Japan’s most influential innovators to highlight new experiences and ideas for what Japan has to offer to visitors and residents alike. Our video-based information platform brings fans a one-on-one exclusive experience with celebrities and public figures from all walks of life: popular visual artists, Japan-based company executives, owners of the most sought-out restaurants and many more.

  • Japan is known for producing quality products, from traditional handicrafts to modern goods. 100 Japan is a collection of representative Japanese workmanship ranging from beauty and fashion to kitchen goods and home decor. Add a touch of Japan to your day-to-day life—straight from our shores!

  • This is award-winning bento artist and cookbook author Shirley Wong's blog about her love for Japan, Japanese culture, bento making, baking bread and other adventures in the kitchen. A huge fan of Japanese culture and anything kawaii, she also learned the language for about two years, and stays on the lookout for J-related news and other lifestyle stories for her readers.

  • An Aussie who moved to Tokyo in 2015 to pursue further studies after hopping around Asia for a few years. In my spare time I like to play with mud (I'm mad about ceramics!), ohm, nom, and flick through the occasional paperback.

  • Traveler on the Rising Dragon Road.

  • Tokyo girl, loves outdoors and living in Tokyo. Chilling out with my Dominican husband raised in San Francisco.

  • From high-quality technology to traditional crafts passed down from ancient times, or regional specialty goods to anime and gaming subcultures with fans around the world, Japan overflows with shopping opportunities that fascinate people from all over the globe. Japan Shopping Now offers the best, most relevant information and stories on shopping in Japan!

  • Sanpai Japan is an online resource available to anyone in the world who is interested in Japanese culture, tradition and history. The website has articles, columns, interviews and videos all in English so that foreigners, as well as residents of Japan, are able to learn all about Japan. The purpose of Sanpai Japan is to introduce the world to the beauty of Japan’s shrines and temples. There are thousands of temples and shrines all over Japan, each with their own unique story and charm.

  • Tokyo­based DigitalHub.JP produces and promotes made-­to-­order multimedia products of the highest quality, leveraging longstanding tech industry contacts and co­-publishing relationships with Japan-­focused news sources, offering both content production services and a multilayered distribution point.

  • We aspire to increase recognition of Kanto and refine its brand image, bringing the region's related entities together with a sense of cooperation and unity. Our logo depicts the Kanto area spreading out like a firework at the center of Japan, an image representing expansion and diversity.

  • 208 large and small islands make up a pretty beautiful landscape that attracts countless visitors to the 99 islands of Sakai National Park. You can find flowers, sunshine, games, music and the reproduction of a 17-century Dutch street called Huis Ten Bosch. Since the government set up the navy in the Meiji Era, the result is a military port and shipyard bringing prosperity to the port city. The US military base brings rich history and international customs: all this adds to the charm of Sasebo.

  • Out of all the traditional cultures that have originated in Japan, there is one most tangible cultural experience of power and beauty—that is the matsuri (festival). We believe the matsuri of Japan to be world-class cultural assets of local communities. Through visiting local regions and getting to know the culture first-hand, matsuri are sure to provide a chance for overseas tourists to further their enjoyment of Japan.

  • Founder of the Beautiful Mothers' Association, editor of Meili Mama (美丽mama, Beautiful Mama) magazine, parent-child activity planner, family education guidance counselor, promoter of developmental psychology.