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Skull Pancakes

Perfect for breakfast on Halloween morning, this pancake skull-and-crossbones will make your onion eyes pop out!

Wicked Monster Fruits

Have you ever been scared of grapes, kiwis, strawberries and oranges? You will be!

'Yo-Kai Watch' Debuts Abroad

Thankfully, the spirit of the theme songs from the Japanese version are retained in the English version. But some things have changed.

Skull Shaped Sugar from the Island of Shikoku

Designed by artist Nobumasa Takahashi, these black and white sugar skulls are perfect for a Halloween party—or just for sweetening your tea when you’re in a ghoulish mood.

5 Ghastly Ghosts of Japanese Toilets

From toilet-licking goblins to the local version of Bloody Mary, Japanese bathrooms are no strangers to haunting entities that lurk between the stalls.

Japan's 4 Scariest Themed Restaurants

While Halloween may be the perfect time to visit, these four frightening themed restaurants are ready to meet your horror needs all year around.

These 5 Horror Bento Will Eat Your Appetite!

Could you imagine opening your bento and seeing these creations staring back at you?

Is Tokyo Ready for the Zombie Apocalypse?

No, we don't mean Shibuya on October 31—we mean the real one, when the difference between Western and Asian zombies will be a key factor in determining your weapons of choice.