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Discover the Secrets of the Haunted Restaurant

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Lots of ghosts hang out at the Haunted Restaurant, but no worries: they're all good guys! Spooky's the name of the game here, so show up and hang out with them. Have an eerie party and taste the roaring hot, skillet-served dishes, the hottest thing this side of the underworld!

Dine on all manner of phantasmal dishes, from a variety of ghostly cooks! Each "kitchen" specializes in different styles of dish. Your spooky staff will serve you dishes from the Humming Ghost Knight, the Headless Knight, the Secret Book of Cheese (Pizzas) and the Laboratory of the Vegetable Man. The full menu is available here (in Japanese).

You simply must try the creepy cocktails straight from the witch's cauldron. The expanded all-you-can-drink menu is only an additional ¥324, which includes draft beer and a selection of original cocktails!

Also, you're invited to celebrate a birthday or anniversary with the spooky residents of the restaurant. The staff will prepare a special surprise, with different styles to meet your party needs.

Don't miss this "ghost of a chance" to party with phantoms and drink spirits with spirits! Check out the full details at the link below.