All About Japan

Concept Car for the 'Share' Generation

Nissan has created a concept car for a segment of the population that cares very little about cars.

The Tech of Smartphone Iris Authentification

Fujitsu's miniature infrared LED and camera unlock your phone in roughly six-tenths of a second.

CASIO PRO TREK 3500 Field Test

CASIO ups its game as it introduces the most advanced multi-functional timepiece in its PRO TREK series for outdoor adventurers.

One Punch Man App Measures Your Punching Power

Compare the might of your fist to the ridiculously powerful Saitama.

Stand Your Phone in a Ramen Bowl

Want to really confuse your neighbor at the local ramen shop? Set one of these bowls up on the counter while you slurp and watch the double-takes ensue.

Wooden Ukiyo-e Star Wars Phone Case

This iPhone case takes its design cue from a very special ukiyo-e woodblock print, one of only three in the world officially approved by Lucasfilm.

Celviano Grand Hybrid Takes the (Small) Stage

Casio is confident it's created the first digital pianos that truly emulate the sound of a grand—with the obvious advantage of taking up far less space.

Panasonic Predicts Carpet Speakers

Smart homes of the future will have speakers in the carpet, mirrors that analyze your skin condition, beds that weigh you as you sleep—and a whole lot more.

'Smart' Anime Pillow Responds to Your Caress

A Japanese entrepreneur equips a 160-centimeter body pillow to let you know how it feels when you touch it.

Takara Tomy's Tiny True-Drifting RC Cars

Dominic Toretto would be proud of these little drifters.

Bishounen App Lets You Bulk Up Boys with Love

A new Japanese app allows your boyfriend's muscles to grow along with your love for each other.

Transform Your iPhone into Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Crystal iPhone cases fit the 6 and 6s. Galaxy users presumably get Queen Beryl.

Sharp Launching Robot Smartphone

RoBoHoN talks, walks, gets up, dances and recognizes human faces—and it also works as a phone!

Kei Sports Cars: Small Packages of Fun

Japan’s kei, or light, car class features a small engine and compact overall dimensions. While the main concept of these vehicles is economy and convenience, a few companies are remaking the image of these fun little monsters.