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No Wolf Can Blow these Straw Monsters Down!

Art Japanese Countryside Niigata

After harvesting the rice, most rice farmers will stack the straw together and either dry it out or roll it up to dispose of it. Sometimes you will see them burning it as well, because that straw is good for nothing. Nothing, that is, unless you’ve got an art student handy.

Amy Goda, an aspiring artist currently studying art in Niigata Prefecture, has taken the leftover straw after the harvest and fashioned some pretty awesome straw sculptures that might make you think the land is alive.

Amy’s sculptural muse this year was dinosaurs, as she created two amazing and huge pieces of art. If you happened to be driving in the countryside of Niigata and saw either of these two dinosaurs, you might have thought some kind of black magic had animated the straw into fearsome beasts.

Although the straw statues have been dismantled since the beginning of November 2015, we hope that next year Goda will continue to create beautiful works of art at Uwasekigata Park in Niigata City’s Nishikan Ward.

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