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Tree Rubbings of Artist Stranded in NYC

Art Stay Home

Japanese artist Keiko Miyamori divides her time between New York and Japan. But when the global pandemic struck earlier this year her exhibitions in Japan got canceled and she found herself stranded in New York. On that fateful day in April, she began making tree rubbings and encasing them in boxes. "I Am Still In New York is a collection around resilience during the time of the Coronavirus pandemic,” says Keiko Miyamori, who uses natural materials like handmade washi paper and charcoal to create tree rubbings, which she then uses to wrap natural and manmade objects. And for 125 days she continued to make rubbings in her neighborhood, even as the city’s response intensified.

The rubbings are a testament to the dichotomy between humanity and nature within an urban environment and can be seen in more detail over at Spoon & Tamago using the link below.

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