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Top 8 Ryokan In Arashiyama, Kyoto

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The beautiful Arashiyama district is on the western edge of Kyoto in Japan and offers both a site of historic importance and scenic beauty. What better place to sit back and unwind than in a traditional Japanese-style hotel, which are called ryokan. This list will walk you through the top eight ryokan in Arashiyama, Kyoto.

8. Ryotei Rangetsu

An elegant gate welcomes you to Ryotei Rangetsu. Expect the artful combination of luxury and tradition at this ryokan with their accommodation and facilities. You won't be disappointed dining at Ryotei Rangetsu either, as meals are thoughtfully prepared with fresh, seasonal ingredients. A large communal cypress bath is available for women while there is a rock bath for men. Relieve your stress in the natural spring baths and enjoy the landscape that has shaped Arashimaya for 240 million years. The hotel also accepts reservations for anniversary celebrations or other special occasions. Make your holiday or special days more memorable by spending it in a place which lets you experience Japan the traditional way!

7. Hoshinoya Kyoto

This ryokan is what dreams are made of -- it really will feel just like a fairytale! The only way to reach the fully restored century-old property is by taking a gentle ride on a boat. Once you arrive, you can take a stroll around the beautifully kept grounds and talk to the friendly staff. Kaiseki meals are loving crafted and delivered to your private rooms.

6. Hanaikada

You can expect an authentic experience at this ryokan, located just at the head of the Togutsekyu bridge with beautiful views. Wonderfully prepared kaiseki cuisine (which is a multi-course dinner) is served to all guests, an indoor and outdoor onsen is available, and because it is family owned, you get a truly unique and intimate experience. This is a perfect ryokan for couples to share a special vacation together.

5. Arashiyama Benkei

This traditional style ryokan was built in the Heian Period (794 to 1185) as a country estate used to welcome holidaying court nobles. Located on the river, this exquisite high-end accommodation features both indoor and outdoor natural hot baths. As a traditional ryokan, expect tatami (woven-straw) flooring and futon style bedding, and remember that as with many ryokans the price includes catering. Yukatas are provided upon arrival and are the perfect way to prepare to indulge in the Japanese experience.

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