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Himeji Castle Reborn

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Himeji Castle never faced an actual battle, nor was it damaged during World War 2, so it is the most complete and unaltered surviving castle in Japan. The castle has eight structures designated as National Treasures, and seventy-four designated as Important Cultural Properties. In 1993, Himeji Castle was among the first landmarks in Japan to be registered as a World Heritage Site.

In 2009, to ensure that this irreplaceable structure would retain its beautiful form for the next generation, the Himeji Castle Tower Preservation and Restoration Project was begun—the first large-scale overhaul in 50 years. The façade was replastered, the roof retiled, and other restorations made in what would become a project spanning just short of six years.

Total costs reached ¥2.33 billion (roughly US$19 million), and 33,000 people worked on the project (including preliminary construction). Of the approximately 75,000 roof tiles on the castle keep, 16,000 were replaced.

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