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Experience the 'Heartbeat' of Japan in Gifu

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Experience the 'Heartbeat' of Japan in Gifu

For those who are frequent travelers, or had trips planned for the spring as well as summer of 2020, recent events have been frustrating. Fortunately Go Gifu has launched a special series of videos promoting Japan’s Gifu Prefecture for would-be travelers, allowing us to virtually glimpse the scenery and traditions of one of Japan's inland areas.

Part of an official campaign sponsored by Gifu Prefecture itself, the video series is split into several shorts showcasing the Japanese heartland. Dubbed the “Visit Gifu” series, these videos highlight the idyllic landscapes of the landlocked prefecture. From the rustic, verdant sprawl of rice fields to the sweeping majesty of craggy mountain peaks, Gifu is a region swathed in viridian relief framed by the Japanese Alps.

It’s not the Japanese countryside if rice paddies aren’t part of someone’s backyard!

Is this a breath-taking sight, or is it just me and the elevation?

In addition to showing Gifu’s gorgeous background, the videos also feature traditional cultural practices special to Gifu. One special cultural practice exhibited in the series is cormorant fishing. A hereditary role passed from father to son, and technically employees of Japan’s imperial household, cormorant fishermen have fished with the help of their feathery companions on Gifu city’s Nagara River for over 1,300 years.

For future visitors interested in seeing more of Gifu, the “Visit Gifu” series has additional videos for viewing on their YouTube channel.

With gorgeous mountain vistas and century-old cultural practices, it’s easy to see why Gifu has earned a special spot in the hearts of locals and would-be travelers, not to mention its own Starbucks tumbler!

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