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Why Be Just a Snack When You Can Be Dessert?

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Some days you want the soothing scent of incense to dispel the musty air of your home. Other days maybe you'd prefer to smell like an éclair instead of freshly picked flowers. Thankfully, Japanese cosmetics company Kobe Bijinnuuka, literally “Kobe Beauty Rice Bran,” has a solution with a new line of spray lotion that smells like Japanese sweets.

Based in Kobe, Hyogo Prefecture, Kobe Bijinnuuka has been selling Japanese cosmetics and skincare since 1894. The secret ingredient to their skincare products? Rice bran. Called “stork rice bran extract,” the extract is packed with amino acids, vitamin B, and vitamin E. While the extract actually contains no ingredients from storks, the stork was a traditional Japanese symbol of happiness in older time periods. In that same regard, Kobe Bijinnuuka hopes to bring happiness to its customers through a new line of scents called “Rice Bran-Infused Japanese Sweets.” This line includes the following fragrances: Cherry Blossom Tart, Matcha Tiramisu and Yuzu Parfait.

For those who want a scent that cheers the heart, Cherry Blossom Tart is the perfect fit. With locally sourced cherry blossom extract as one of the ingredients, the Cherry Blossom Tart spray features a balanced scent palette that neither overwhelms nor under-delivers. Feel free to use the spray after washing your face for extra exfoliation, or to apply it to a particularly dry patch of hair.

If you’re the type who wants a more sophisticated tone to your perfume, the Matcha Tiramisu spray may be a better option. For our tea aficionados, the matcha used in this spray is specifically sourced from Uji, the mecca of all things matcha. The spray is also make-up friendly, meaning your eyeliner wings won’t be running after a few generous pumps.

Last but not least, the Yuzu Parfait spray lotion is a fine blend of sharp sweetness and light citrus. A contribution to this spray’s refreshing theme is the lack of artificial coloring, oil and alcohol. The ingredients gathered for the extracts are also raised organically, without the use of chemical fertilizers or pesticides, great for individuals who have sensitive skin or hair.

If you’re careful about your skincare products and are looking for a sweets-scented spray lotion, the Rice Bran-Infused Japanese Sweets line is available online here on Kobe Bijinnuuka’s official website. One bottle of mist lotion runs for 1,980 yen (US$18.47), and a set including all lotions is available as well for 5,500 yen (US$51.31).

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