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Turn Your Laundry Room into a Nightclub

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It’s been just about a week since Tokyo and the surrounding areas were put under a state of emergency, and citizens have been not just recommended but strongly encouraged to stay home until infection rates slow down. But it’s hard being at home for many consecutive days, and eventually, you miss the things you used to do for fun outside the house.

Don’t worry, though, all you have to do is think outside the box and find new ways to do them! For example, one industrious Japanese partier missed clubbing, so they created their own personal club…in their washing machine.

Twitter user Yukkun, an electronic dance and techno music fan (according to his profile), just needed to go to a club, so he played a club scene video on his tablet, placed it in the shiny, reflective steel drum of his washing machine, and let the club atmosphere be born.

The flashing lights reflect beautifully off of the sparkling clean inner drum of the washing machine as the dance music echoes clearly in the chamber, creating a surprisingly accurate club vibe. In fact, without the sticky floors and mass of sweaty people bumping into you, it might even be better than a real club, if you just ignore the fact that you have to be upside down to enjoy it, and you can’t really dance. The music is even muted when the washing machine’s lid is closed, so you can even get the same sense of anticipation as you approach it to “go inside!”

Here’s the video he played on his tablet if you want to replicate the experience! “I wanted to go to a club or a music festival so bad…” he tweeted. “I had my head stuck in my washing machine for almost an hour.”

Truly, though, since you really will have to stick your head in the washing machine to get the desired experience, this might not be the best way to replicate the club scene–you can always get a spinning disco toy instead–, but at least this way you won’t be disturbing your neighbors. Surprisingly, a lot of other Japanese netizens were on board with the idea.

Now if clubbing–or standing bent over with your head in the washing machine–isn’t your thing, we’ve got some other ideas for you to keep you busy during your attempts to stay at home. Why not make a hamburger tower, train with Nintendo Fitness Boxing, or have an online drinking party? The opportunities are endless if you use your imagination!

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