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Top Non-Touristy Things To Do In Tokyo

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There is no better way to explore the essence of Japanese culture by choosing to go off-the-grid way. By skipping the typical and mainstream "must-visit," or "must-try" lists and go wandering to the not-so-common places, where you will find another side of Tokyo. Check out these sites, recommended from our friends at Trip101.

9.) Spend an afternoon at Hanayashiki

Skip the mainstream Japanese amusement parks and head to the oldest park- Hanayashiki, where you will find some amazing rides, a traditional flower park with a sublime pond, a mini-zoo, and sometimes cosplay events. Experiencing the culture with fun and getting acquainted with the local history are what you are likely to look forward while coming over here. The amusement park is located five minutes away from Asakusa Station.

8.) Explore Piss Alley

Stroll along the quirky and boisterous Piss Alley, also known as Omoide Yokocho ((Memory Lane), where you will find great booze and barbecue options. Located outside the west gate of Shinjuku Station, which is one of the main railway stations in the area, the Piss Alley owned its name back to the World World II period. People were relieving themselves at the nearby train tracks as there was a lack of toilet facilities. Today, the area has flourished into a lively hub where visitors will find numerous eating choices. One of the main dishes you should not skip is definitely the ‘ Yakitori ’ which consists of grilled chicken pieces on a skewer. Vegetarians might be disappointed due to the very limited food option.

7.) Visit the giant Buddha statue

Sense the serene atmosphere of the sacred Jorenji Temple predominantly known as the Tokyo Daibutsu. The Zen setting is idyllic for those who admire the Buddhist philosophy or are just curious travelers who wish to enjoy the tranquil and rejuvenating setting of the temple. Contemplate the beauty of the bronze Buddha which is the third largest Daibutsu (giant Buddha) in the country. Lies at the Akatsuka Botanical Garden, you might also visit the Itabashi Art Museum and Akatsuka Joshi Park which are in close proximity.

6.) Visit a real film location

6.) Visit a real film location

Wondering how does the real Japanese film setting look like? Then consider visiting some of these lovely locations that have been used as film locations. Zojoji Temple tucked behind the soaring Tokyo Tower is one such example. The temple was featured in the Marvel movie ‘The Wolverine’, where ‘Mr. Yashida’ was buried. It’s definitely low on tourists’ radar and shouldn’t be too crowded. As a bonus, the location also gives you an amazing glimpse of the Tokyo Tower.

5.) Bless your electronics at the Kanda Myojin Shrine

If you want to spare your life from hackers and computer viruses, especially to IT entrepreneurs or gadget lovers out there, then you must pay your tribute to the sacred Kanda Myojin Shrine or the Anime Shrine. Get your IT talisman and feel protected like a warrior! Located just a walking distance from Akihabara-a popular electronic shopping hub, the historical Anime Shrine is a much-revered site among tech geeks who come to bless their electronic devices. Additionally, you can pray for prosperity, success, and good luck in your life. Here, you will find a range of beautiful and daunting Japanese pantheon. To see the cultural and religious side of the Japanese culture do not miss to attend the Kanda Matsuri, one of the greatest festivals which is celebrated with much pomp at the shrine.

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