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Top 10 Kengo Kuma Buildings in Tokyo

Museum Art Design Tokyo

If you’re interested in architecture, then Kengo Kuma should definitely be on your radar! His architectural works have shaped many cities worldwide, especially those in Japan. He has a particular focus on building works, the connection to their environment and the manipulation of light, and Tokyo is the perfect place to see his work!

10. Explore the delicate connection between building design and art at Suntory Museum

10. Explore the delicate connection between building design and art at Suntory Museum

The building material of ceramic panels was chosen to match the collections of the museum. These panels were then positioned as vertical louvers throughout the buildings, thus allowing plenty of natural light in the room but also creating a relaxed atmosphere. Kengo Kuma wanted a building that would highlight the need to care for and preserve such collections. Not only can you see world-class architecture but you can also explore the beautiful collections inside Suntory Museum.

9. Watch the 2020 Olympics at the world-renowned New National Stadium

This project was built to hold the 2020 Olympics. Conscious that a huge stadium could be overbearing to the local surroundings, Kengo Kuma looked for ways to create harmony. He decided to build the entire roof with wood. It is said that the Gingko trees that line the outer gardens of Meiji Shrine were his inspiration. New National Stadium will act as a hub for the 2020 Olympics and beyond.

8. See the world from inside a diamond at Tiffany in Ginza

8. See the world from inside a diamond at Tiffany in Ginza

When the sun shines on the Tiffany store in Ginza, you’ll be amazed by the natural light display. For this design, Kengo Kuma wanted to focus on the way that Tiffany designers cut the diamonds, to allow the light to reflect better. He also wanted to create a soft air of elegance and sophistication, which matched both the level of Tiffany’s expertise and the local area of Ginza. In total there are 292 special front facet panels. Each is made from glass and honeycomb. Inside, the light is still allowed into the room, but in a diffused, soft manner. Looking out through the panels, the world seems blurred and distorted. You will feel like you have truly stepped inside a diamond.

7. Explore the award-winning Keio Takaosanguchi Station and the surrounding area

7. Explore the award-winning Keio Takaosanguchi Station and the surrounding area

In 2015, Keio Takaosanguchi Station won a design award for the cladding features designed by Kengo Kuma. The large wooden roof represents the thin barrier between our physical world and that of the gods. The platforms are also designed with wood. The special use of lighting was sparked by the visuals of the soft lanterns that are popular in the local area. The local tourist information service is located inside.

6. Step into the past and future at ONE@Tokyo

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【DESIGN CONCEPT】 外観やインテリアのデザイン監修は世界的に著名な建築家・隈研吾氏によるもの。 工業素材と自然素材を大胆に融合し、大都会・東京にありながら旧き良き下町の趣を残すこのエリアにふさわしいコントラストを描きました。 東京の「新しい下町」に路地をテーマとする街と空に開かれたホテルをデザインしました。 世界中から旅人が集まる、東京の新しいストリートカルチャーの拠点をイメージしています。 The hotel’s facade and interior design are the work of world-renowned architect Kengo Kuma. Fusing industrial materials with natural wood, this new hotel exemplifies the contrast found in Oshiage, which retains the feeling of a bygone Edo era, while being within the modern metropolis of Tokyo. The hotel opens directly to city space and open sky, all from a little alley in the new Shitamachi “downtown” of Tokyo. Travelers from all over the world come together here-a new base for Tokyo street culture. #onetokyo #hotel #Oshiage #Tokyo #skytree #cityview #rooftop #travel #Instatravel #隈研吾 #ホテル #押上 #東京 #スカイツリー

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Finished in 2017 and located in Oshiage, this area sees a juxtaposition between the historical Edo period and modernity. The large, interwoven wooden planks on the ground level are said to represent the local industry. Combined with a silver piping open-design ceiling, ONE@Tokyo has a futuristic and industrial vibe. This is continued, in a non-overbearing way, into the hotel rooms on the upper levels. We sometimes think that industrial-style architecture can feel a bit cold, but thanks to the numerous white drapes hanging from the ceiling that defines the space, ONE@Tokyo actually feels very cozy. Perfect for a coffee from the lower level cafe or bar.

5. Grab an artisanal coffee and sip it under an origami ceiling at Starbucks Reserve® Roastery Tokyo

If you’ve ever been to Japan then you’ll know just how popular Starbucks is here. So, to us, it was no surprise that Kengo Kuma joined forces with the folks at Starbucks to develop a Japanese-style venue. The Starbucks Reserve is one of only five in the world. The traditional architectural style and handicrafts are beautifully showcased with terrace-style roofing and an origami-style ceiling. Each floor has its own specialty drinks. We’ll give you an insider tip: you can buy delicious espresso martinis on the second floor.

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