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How to Make Gummy Sushi!

Sushi Sweets

In Japan, Sushi is “supposed to be” the most famous and delicious food. Before I came to Japan, I had the image that Japanese people ate sushi for breakfast (and it came in the little refrigerated packets with ginger and wasabi like at an American grocery store).

Japan isn’t like that.

Furthermore, I don’t like to play favorites. Not with people, not with countries, and certainly not with food. So we’re just to leave it at: Sushi is famous and delicious.

And what do companies do with delicious, popular food? They capitalize on it.

Which is how Candy Sushi came to be invented.

This gummy sushi, in question, was grape flavored. You can buy it at Don Quijote (ドンキホーテ, the Japanese equivalent of Walmart). And no, it doesn’t come pre-made. You have to make it yourself. That’s all the fun. This box is called “楽しいおすし屋さん” (which means “a fun sushi shop owner”). We get to be sushi-shop owners!

Check out this video demonstration on how to make gummy sushi, then read the rest of the story at Texan in Tokyo!

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