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Ikura, the Adorable Eco-Friendly Dog

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Ikura, the Adorable Eco-Friendly Dog

This dog enjoys her daily walks like any other canine. But she has a habit like none other!

Ikura, a Boston terrier, collects trash during her walks. When she finds an empty plastic bottle, she carries it in her mouth to a garbage disposal site. She puts the bottle down when her owner gives a cue.

According to her owner, Nobuyuki Niiya, "We started to play catch using plastic bottles during our walk. That's how she began picking up plastic bottles."

The four-legged friend is doing some good for the environment. She now picks up at least one plastic bottle every time she goes for a walk. Niiya said she has collected about 3,000 bottles over five years. Ikura is becoming further conscious about plastic waste lately – she's starting to gather other trash such as cup noodle containers.