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Dine with Your Feline or Canine Companion

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Pets and their owners do lots of things together: hang around and watch TV; go for walks; snuggle up for bedtime. But one activity that is almost never shared between animal and human is mealtime. Cats and dogs have their dishes full of pet food on the floor, owners have their dishes full of human food on the table, and never the twain shall meet.

But not anymore. Nestlé Japan is now offering a catering service to prepare food for both pet and owner to eat together. It’s mostly an excuse for the company to show off its MonPetit brand of fancy cat food, but we can still enjoy the ride. If you want to see what it looks like when a chef comes to your house to cook for you and your cat, then check out the promotional video put out by Nestlé above.

If having a chef come cook for you and your cat seems like something you’d like to try, then check out Nestlé’s website. They’re only doing it for one month (December 2015), you have to live near Tokyo, and it costs ¥22,222, but if you can get through all the restrictions, then you’ll certainly bond like no pet and their owner ever have before.

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