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Michelin-Recognized Okonomiyaki

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Denko Sekka is a Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki restaurant that appears in the Michelin Guide Hiroshima. After all is said and done, the distinctive thing about Denko Sekka's okonomiyaki is the egg. The restaurant uses two beaten eggs to wrap its okonomiyaki, rather like a Japanese omelet. This locks in the sweetness of the vegetables and makes this savory pancake come up light and fluffy. The balance between the egg and the soft noodles is just exquisite, and the shiso adds an original accent. We recommend Denko Sekka to people who would like to eat something a bit different from the standard Hiroshima-style okonomiyaki.

While the menu features many unusual dishes such as oyster- or shiso-filled okonomiyaki, the most popular item on the menu shares the restaurant's name—Denko Sekka. Wrapped in egg, Denko Sekka okonomiyaki are plump and round. It’s rare to find okonomiyaki that's as thick as this! From the very first bite, your mouth is filled with the sweetness of the cabbage, which has been steamed in the egg. Be sure to try this exquisite balance between fluffy egg and soft noodles!

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