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10 Things to Do in the Kerama Islands

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A vacation in Okinawa will not be complete without spending a few days in the Kerama Islands. Located about 40 kilometers (25 miles) to the west of Okinawa Island, these islands are a wonderful collection of white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, providing the best spots for those who plan to go diving, snorkeling, swimming and sunbathing.

10. Soak in the Views at North-Side Observatories

Visitors to Tokashiki Island can take in the most majestic vantages of the sea and other islands. But if you really want the best views, take a hike and head towards the North Side of the island where two observatories are ready to give you what you came here for. On one hand, the Nishiyama Observatory, or West Observatory, provides you with a view of the Kerama Islands, on the other hand, the Akamayama Observatory or East Observatory stands near the peak of Mount Akama giving you a glimpse as far as the main island of Okinawa on a clear and sunny day.

9. Seek Adventure Near Tokashiku Beach

Tokashiku Beach may be small in size but it is big on activities. Although diving areas are not as common compared to the other beaches of Kerama Islands, this is one of the best places to go for a swim or sunbathing. Aside from these, one can also find hiking trails located within reach from the shoreline. The tree-filled hills near the beach offer some of the best pathways where you can take a walk without a shoddy sight in view. Every scenery here is simply amazing. Whether you stay put on the shore or take a scenic hike, Tokashiku Beach is an exciting place to visit.

8. Go Diving at Aharen Beach

This is one of the best beaches in the Kerama Islands. It also has one of the longest shorelines in the region. With a long stretch of sand and shore, you will not run out of things to do in this wondrous paradise. It is easy to rent diving and snorkeling equipment as an impressive number of dealers are lined up nearby. And if you long to take in a great view of the surrounding islands and the blue sea, take a short trek to the hilltop where you can spend as much time as you want to soak in the amazing scenery.

7. Visit the Statue of Shiro

The statue of Shiro is a symbol of love and devotion. The story goes that Shiro had a girlfriend named Marilyn and they lived as neighbors on the island of Zamami. In 1986, Shiro’s owner moved to Aka Island with his dog in tow. Every morning, Shiro would swim across the sea and stay all day with his beloved Marilyn. The 3-kilometer (1.8 miles) swim took Shiro about 3 hours to complete one way. This astonishing feat was witnessed by fisher folks. One day, his owner followed the dog on his boat and found out where Shiro went and stayed during the day. This is what the statue is all about. Marilyn has her own statue on Zamami Island.

6. Spend Time at Nishibama Beach

Aka Island is known to have the most pristine beaches in all of Kerama. The same goes for its diving spots. Its waters are filled with colorful and vibrant marine life like fish and corals and are said to be among the clearest and bluest that one will ever see. However, Nishibama Beach takes the crown for having the most beautiful waters and powdery sands. Covering 1 kilometer (.62 mile) stretch of shoreline, this is the best spot to lounge around, swim, and snorkel. If you want to experience the best that the Kerama Islands has to offer, come to Nishibama Beach in Aka Island.

5. Marvel at Aka Bridge

The islands within the Kerama Islands are mostly isolated from each other. This is one problem that Aka Bridge has solved by connecting Aka and Geruma Islands. Eventually, visitors can also easily visit Fukaji Island. Only a few tourists come to this part of the islands and these places are virtually untouched. But because of the presence of Aka Bridge, visitors now have a chance to enjoy more sun, sea, and sand that is more serene and less touristy compared to the other beaches. But Aka Bridge is not all function. The bridge, with its exceptional architecture and modern built, stands juxtaposed to the rustic scenery all around. It is a brilliant view altogether.

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