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Tokyo Otaku Mode speaks to the winner of its Facebook-based Otaku Room Photo Contest. So what’s an otaku room? And what can you find inside it? Let’s allow the contest winner, Will Tan from Quezon City, Philippines, to explain!

Tokyo Otaku Mode (TOM): Your room is absolutely amazing. Can you tell us how your otaku room came to be, and how long it took to become so impressive?

Will Tan (WT): I started out with just one display cabinet where I put my comic collection (Marvel, DC, etc.) and my anime figures. I started out with a Kanu Uncho figma. At that time I was already having second thoughts of buying her because I thought it was a lot of money for such a small figure, but in the end I couldn't resist and bought her. It kind of took me a while to buy my second figure, even though I really love how she was made.

Then a few months later I started collecting more of her figures, but stopped when I saw Yoko Littner from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. I loved her, and also the anime. That was the time I started looking for where I could get her figures. At that time I was already far behind since most of her figures had already come out and I had to backtrack most of them, but I was persistent in getting them all. I only lack a few figures now, excluding the GKs (garage kits) because I don't know how to paint and don't know anyone who does.

At that time I decided to redo my room. I think that was 2011. Then years passed and more figures came: Black Rock Shooter, Bakemonogatari, Kuroyukihime, Nendoroids, RAH, and Hot Toys. Space seemed to be a problem, so I decided to tear my wall down along with the window, where the Yoko pictures from my ceiling came from, and I had my room extended to get another cabinet built in the middle of this year (the cabinet in the picture with the Iron Man and lots of vacant space).

TOM: Show us the best figure of your collection! Also, what are you planning for your next purchase?

WT: The best figure for me is Yoko Bounty Hunter and my recent acquisition, Yoko Dollfie. I never thought I'd convince myself to get her since I started out having second thoughts of buying [such an expensive] figure, but i needed to have her... so when I found one for a good price I grabbed it. I haven't thought of what my next purchase will be.

TOM: Have you been to Japan before?

WT: Nope, I haven't been to japan. But I do hope one day I'll be able to.

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