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See Your Country as a Samurai with This Series

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From menstrual cycles to eye drops and even Japanese idioms, nothing is too obscure to become a beautiful anthropomorphized character in Japan. And with the 2020 Tokyo Olympics coming up, it was only a matter of time before someone came up with the idea of taking participating countries and their flags and turning them into anime characters.

United Kingdom

So when the World Flags project emerged online last week, we were happy to see that not only had a group of Japanese artists gathered to create characters for 32 countries, but they were designed to look like awesome warriors as well.


According to the official website, the new project aims to “introduce the flags of the world and some information about them using cool Japanese traditional clothes (samurai, firefighter, Japanese monk, etc)!”

South Africa

The project is not affiliated with the Japanese government, nor is it connected to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Instead, the unofficial project is using the upcoming Olympics as the impetus for introducing people to countries around the world and their flags, in a unique and eye-catching way.


So far, 32 countries have been anthropomorphized for the project, with more to come in the future.


World Flags wants everyone to join in the fun so they’re encouraging people to create their own fan art and share them on Twitter with the hashtag #worldflags_fa.

Want to know if your country made the list? Head to SoraNews24 via the link below to see even more nations that were given the manga treatment.

Source, images: World Flags

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