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This Bad Breath Commercial Is Turning Heads

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Have you ever spoken to a Japanese person and noticed they had stinky breath? According to a survey conducted by Japanese oral care brand Sunstar, which posed the question to 500 foreigners, one in two people from abroad have.

As anybody who’s been in a situation like this knows, pointing out bad breath isn’t something that strangers are likely to bring up, so the only thing to help cope with the foul smell is to simply hold your breath or turn your head slightly to avoid the direction of the mouth-air.

Now, with more foreigners expected to arrive in the country for the 2020 Olympics, bad breath in the service industry is currently being addressed by Sunstar, with a new ad called "Feel Japan" promoting their line of oral care goods in a humorous and memorable way. Sunstar claims that by brushing your teeth with their toothpaste and using their mouthwash, you can turn these embarrassing situations around and create a better impression on the foreigners you encounter.

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