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Toshimaen Amusement Park Hydrangea Festival

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Toshimaen Amusement Park is a short walk from Toshimaen Station in Tokyo, and is famous for its hydrangea flowers at the start of summer. From late May through June, Toshimaen hosts its Hydrangea Festival and along with its featured light up show, it is a definitive recommendation to see hydrangeas in Tokyo!

Hydrangea Light Up Show

On weekends during the Hydrangea Festival, you can enjoy their Hydrangea Night event, which is a light up show featuring—you guessed it!—hydrangeas. Compared to the day time, the beauty of the light up show at night comes straight out of a fantasy story. While illuminations are seasonal events throughout the country, they rarely accompany hydrangea, so Toshimaen Park is considered somewhat of an anomaly for such brilliant shows.

Ride the Hydrangea Express

You can ride the Hydrangea Express (or Ajisai-go, as they say in Japanese), a small carnival train which runs through the hydrangea garden of Toshimaen. Since the train runs at a slow pace, you can get a great view of the garden. The train itself is also quite adorable, so be sure to snap a few shots as it circles around!

Discover Over 80 Species of Hydrangeas

For any aspiring botanists out there, Toshimaen is definitely worth a visit during the hydrangea festival, not just for the views but for the sheer variety of blooms you can see! Along a path of mountain hydrangeas, you can enjoy just about 80 species of them, which are quite rare in eastern Japan. Depending on the season, there are other beautiful flowers on display as well.

If you need even more convincing to visit the Toshimaen Hydrangea Festival, check out the original article from Trip101 via the link below!

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