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Top 10 Hydrangea Flower Spots in Kyoto

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Early summer one of the best times to witness the vast collection of flowers around Kyoto! Among the various blooms, hydrangeas are a particular treat. We’d like to share with you some hydrangea flower spots in Kyoto that are popularly called “hydrangea temples,” which typically blossom between the end of June and the end of July.

10. Toko-in Temple

In the small city of Ayabe, Toko-in Temple is one of the best places to see hydrangeas. At the center of the shrine path within a valley among the mountains, you can find some 2,500 hydrangea flowers blooming! It's even possible to find heart-shaped hydrangeas—could they help you find true love?

9. Nishuu Kanon-ji Temple

Nishuu Kanon-ji Temple in Fukuchiyama is famously known as the "Temple of Tanba Hydrangeas," and is home to 10,000 hydrangea flowers of 100 species! With various colors on display, it's truly a pastel wonderland of flowers. One story as to why it became a temple full of hydrangea flowers says that, in the old days, people who were treated with eye conditions would plant numerous hydrangeas as a way of showing gratitude.

8. Maizuru Natural Culture Garden

In the northern part of Kyoto Prefecture, just outside the city proper, is the Maizuru Natural Culture Garden. While famous for its proud display of 30,000 of camellia flowers, it also features 100,000 hydrangea flowers of 100 species! From June 12, 2019 to July 11, 2019, it has a Hydrangea Festival, with events that are fun for the whole family.

7. Reigen-in Temple

Reigen-in Temple, which is one of Kyoto’s oldest Zen Buddhist temples, is where you can find the beautifully blooming amacha, or “sweet tea” sub-species of French hydrangeas. For that reason it is also called Amacha Temple, and its garden of "sweet tea" hydrangeas is only open during its blooming season, which is May 18, 2019, to June 16, 2019. In addition to sweet tea, you can also get a view of the illusionary serrata hydrangeas within the garden.

6. Yokoku-ji Temple

Yanagidani Youkoku-ji Temple in Nishiyama is a holy ground dedicated to Kobo Daishi,a famous monk credited with bringing Buddhism to Japan, and it’s known as the eye of Kannon, the Buddhist goddess of compassion. On top of all that, it's also known for its hydrangea flowers. The walking paths within the inner temple are known as Ajisai no Michi, or "Hydrangea Way," and features 5,000 hydrangea flowers of 27 species. Every year, many people come for its "Hydrangea Week" event. In recent years, its flowers have been displayed in the water where you can wash your hands at the entrance have progressively gained in popularity.

5. Umenomiya Shrine

Living up to its namesake, Umenomiya Shrine is famous for its plum blossoms, which you can see in its shrine garden. That said, it's also home to some beautiful hydrangeas as well. There, you can see 500 flowers of 60 species on display, including hydrangea involucrata, oak leaf hydrangeas, French hydrangea and mountain hydrangeas. Depending on the timing of your visit, you can also enjoy blooming irises as well.

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