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If you're a bibliophile looking for a little R&R during your trip to Japan, you're in luck! There's a surprising number of book-themed accommodation options that can help satisfy both your wanderlust and your desire to curl up with a great novel! Check out these recommendations form our friends at Trip101!

10. Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort

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25ヶ月連続 宿泊やゴルフプレーが当たる! #リゾートなひととき インスタグラムキャンペーン ・ #シーガイア25周年 を記念してインスタグラムキャンペーンを実施中。 旅のひとときはもちろん、自宅の庭でビールを飲むひととき、会社帰りに夕日を眺めるひとときなど、あなただけの“リゾートなひととき”をインスタグラムに投稿してください。 ・ ★今月の賞品は、シェラトン・グランデ・オーシャンリゾートのコーナースイート1泊朝食付き宿泊券をペア1組を進呈! ・ <応募方法> ①シーガイア公式アカウントをフォロー ② #リゾートなひととき #シーガイア 2つのハッシュタグをつけて投稿 ③毎月1 組様に“シーガイアの特別”をプレゼント 詳しくは「シーガイア 25周年」で検索! #スイートルーム #宿泊券 #非日常 #シェラトングランデオーシャンリゾート #宮崎 #リゾートホテル #キャンペーン #懸賞 #SheratonGrandeOceanResort #SEAGAIA #MIYAZAKI #travel

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The Sheraton Grande Ocean Resort in Miyazaki Prefecture proudly advertises that it provides an ocean view from every room, and two separate library spaces. One is close to the elevator that takes you to its hot springs, Shousenkyu. It’s bookshelves, giant sofas, and classic furnishings is a space perfect for adults. The other library space is the Kaze Mochi Terrace for guests that are staying. It has travel books and magazines, a collection of pictures, sofas and swinging chairs, which makes you feel like you’re in the comfort of your own living room.

9. Ryokan Fujimoto

The Ryokan Fujimoto is home to the Okumanganji Hot Springs and is located nearby the Kurosawa Hot Springs in Yamagata Prefecture. It has a bar counter, a library with books and DVDs and a café space where you can drink complimentary coffee. From the windows, you can gaze out at beautiful verdure in between pages, which makes it the perfect place for some quiet contemplation.

8. Sekitei

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2018年日本🇯🇵広島。 「石亭」。 古いですが良いお宿です。 ライブラリーを日本の旅館に広めたはしりのお宿ですね。 パリジェンヌJKは、お母様が学生の頃に京大に留学して数年日本に住んでいた方なので、お箸の使い方も上げ下げも左手で一度受けてから…としっかり躾られてきたので、仲居さんがびっくりしてました👏🏻 、 昔、親に連れられて来た時は貸し切り家族風呂のアメニティがシャネルだったけど、今は家族風呂自体がなくなった様子…。 、 オリジナルのきんつばがしっとりで美味しかった記憶があって、今回もちゃんとあって食べられました。 #japan #hiroshima #sekitei #広島 #石亭

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At the Sekitei in Hiroshima, you can have a pleasant stay enjoying the expansive 1,500 square meters (about 16,146 square feet) garden. Its library space, the Yukashita Salon, feels like a hiding spot for adults, complete with an entrance that takes you downstairs and below ground. In addition, you can have a fulfilling stay by sitting on the chairs facing the garden as you are free to read, enjoy some wine or view the carp fish in the ponds.

7. Mikiya Ryokan

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The Mikiya is home to the Kinosaki Hot Springs, and is also where Naoya Shiga, a famous author, wrote “Kinosaki ni Te,” or “At Cape Kinosaki.” Along with its sofas, the library lounge is packed with famous works of numerous authors and travel books for you to check out as you stay. The lounge area has a custom-made bookshelf with books. Highlighted by bright lights, it works as the focal point of the sitting area. The concept is unique and can keep you entertained all day.

6. Lamplight Books Hotel Nagoya

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這次在名古屋住的飯店真心喜歡! Location很棒,飯店的對面就是Lawson便利商店,走路到伏見站大概三分鐘,距離最熱鬧的榮也大概走15分鐘左右而已就可以抵達,不管是去名古屋城、大須觀音寺、名古屋電視塔……等,都是地鐵三站內可以抵達。 整間飯店設計的氛圍很舒服,整體就是一個文青風格,Lobby旁就是小型的圖書館,一個小小的空間就有三面書牆,從文學到設計相關的書都有,還有一小櫃文具販售的陳設,根本小誠品啊!這邊也設有座位區讓人在此閱讀,所有的書籍都是可以租借到自己房內慢慢看的;櫃檯的旁邊也設有咖啡廳,一整個就是很適合在這裡慢慢消磨時光,很可惜不懂日文,只能簡單翻閱。 房內的設備齊全,冰箱、熱水壺、吹風機那些基本的都有,另外也附有日本飯店必備的加濕機,插座也很充足,每個插座旁都還設有一個USB孔,備品也是全附,連住兩天已請房務不用打掃了,回到飯店還是看到門口掛著一袋乾淨的毛巾供客人使用,揪感心啊。 服務人員不意外的就是日本式的親切。 重點是,單人房一人睡一間,一晚才差不多1600臺幣而已,cp值根本爆表啊!只能推推了。 #LAMPLIGHTBOOKSHOTELnagoya #ランプライトブックスホテル名古屋 #wonderfulhotel #nagoya #japan #找飯店Michelle😆

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The Lamp Light Books Hotel Nagoya is part of a 24-hour operated book store. With about 3,000 books—that mostly consist of travel and mystery—on the first floor book store, guests are allowed to take books to their room and spend the night in its world, for a fresher kind of stay. You can have a fulfilling reading experience in its simple rooms as it includes reading lamps, and Ottoman-brand sofas to rest your elbows. In addition to reading, you can also relax at the café.

5. Nojiriko Hotel El Bosco

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【野尻湖ホテル エルボスコ】読書をするためのホテル。 朝夜付き=優待券利用 ・大自然を楽しめる。特に読書スペースの窓から眺める景色が癒されスポット。 ・部屋にロックチェアがあって、ゆらゆら読書に浸れる。 ・開放感のあるダイニングスペースで、森の中で優雅にコース料理を食べてるみたいな気分になる。 ・アロマ、アメニティ、ガウンなど、オリジナルグッズを販売しているほどのこだわりが好き。 ・とにかく大自然の中で、ゆったり静かに過ごしたいときにおすすめ。 #宿ログ #野尻湖 #読書 #japan #japantrip #japanhotel #旅行 #旅行好き #長野旅行

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Within the forests which neighbor Lake Nojiriko in Nagano is the Nojiriko Hotel El Bosco. The concept of this hotel is for reading and to relax within nature, and to feel like you’re in a vacation house. From the lobby to the library space, you can read while looking at its vast nature from the windows. At this hotel, you can find a quiet and fulfilling time. Please note that due to construction, the hotel is closed from June 9, 2019, to October 31, 2019.

And that's just the tip of the iceberg! For the rest of these literary havens, read the original article from Trip101 via the link below!