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Learn to Make Sushi With the Help of a Dog!

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Cooking With Dog, the immensely popular YouTube channel, features the cutest Japanese cooking duo on the internet. The're also a great resource if you want to learn how to make authentic Japanese food, because Francis (the poodle) speaks in English! Below we present our selection of their top five sushi-making videos.

5. Inarizushi

Making inarizushi (fried tofu pouches filled with sushi rice) at home can be a bit intimidating, but Francis walks viewers through the process and shows how easy it can be!

4. Maki Sushi

In this video, Francis teaches viewers how to make futomaki sushi and California rolls completely from scratch. Maki sushi remains a popular bento (lunchbox) item as well!

3. Nigiri Sushi

Cooking With Dog's nigiri sushi video features a very thorough explanation and demonstration of how to make the most popular type of sushi in Japan.

2. Temakizushi

Francis sports a unique and trendy hairstyle in this episode of Cooking with Dog. The video also shows how to make sushi rice with ginger and sesame seeds, which can be used for almost any other type of sushi as well. Wait around to the end for instructions on how to appropriately serve and eat temakizushi.

1. Gunkanmaki (Gunkan Sushi)

The shots of the final product in this video are so mouthwatering that it receives our top place in this list of Cooking with Dog sushi concoctions. Francis gives a number of tips for making and rolling sushi in this video as well, making it seem like even beginner chefs can pull off this Japanese delicacy!