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Perfectly Pink Sakura-Flavored Baum Cake

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Nenrinya is well-known in Japan as a confectioner specializing in delectable “baumkuchen” spit cake (as in a spit over a fire, not saliva). And for a limited time, they’re offering a special spring treat that looks hard to resist!

The seasonal cake, called the “Mount Baum from the Land of the Sakura," (Sakura no Kuni no Mount Baum) is a delicate sakura-flavored baum cake that they produce only during this time of year. The cake is a celebration of the joy the beautiful sakura flowers bring us each year, with a design based on the concept of spring mountains decorated pink by cherry blossoms.

Nenrinya have been offering the sakura Mount Baum cake in the spring for some time now, but this is actually the first time they’re making the item available as a whole cake.

The whole cake, which is created to look like a delicate sakura wreath, costs ¥1,620.

The sakura baum cake is made by adding sakura-leaf-flavored syrup to Nenrinya’s popular “Mount Baum” cake, giving it a subtle yet unmistakable aroma and flavor of sakura.

Their typical offering of smaller pieces of cake is (of course) available this year as well, and costs ¥756. It looks almost like a sakura wave!

The packaging is also quite eye-catching, with lovely illustrated sakura on the box.

The whole sakura baum cake is available at Nenrinya locations in Ginza (main store), the Seibu Ikebukuro Department Store, the Sogo Yokohama Department Store, the Hankyu Umeda Department Store, Tokyo Station and Haneda International Airport, while the smaller piece cake can be purchased at all Nenrinya locations (the same stores as above plus the Daimaru Tokyo Department Store location).

While Nenrinya offers various baumkuchen treats throughout the year, this sakura cake that should bring you a delightful slice of spring is available only until mid-April, so try them while you can!

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Source, images: PR Times

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