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Learning Japanese

When trying to learn Japanese, kanji is always a terrible challenge! To help everyone looking to start learning Japanese—as well as those planning to pass the JLPT N5 test—the Nihon Ichiban team has created an ebook that you can view and download totally free!

Each of the 103 N5 kanji is represented on one full page, featuring:

* The meaning
* The on-yomi and kun-yomi readings
* Vocabulary words that include this kanji
* The number of strokes and the stroke order (along with a link to see a video of the stroke order on Nihongo Ichiban)
* The radicals (components) of the kanji
* A hint to help memorize the kanji
* A grid to practice writing

You can print the kanji book pages as many times as you want to keep practicing. Most importantly, the ebook has no copyright, so you can feel free to use it as many times as you like and share it with whomever you want!

Happy studies!

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