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White Rabbit's JLPT Kanji Flashcards

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White Rabbit's JLPT Kanji Flashcards

Memorizing kanji is the biggest challenge for most people learning Japanese, and it's important to find a method that suits you the best. Spending hours writing lines of kanji doesn't work for you? Then why don't you try playing with them and learning the ones that look alike, allowing you to learn twice as fast!

With these flashcards you'll be able to memorize the 1,945 essential kanji in a game-based—or ludic—way. Even by investing a small amount of time on a regular basis, these cards can guarantee you master the most difficult part of Japanese!

These cards are very well designed and will allow you to clearly see all the information you need to improve your Japanese kanji reading and increase your vocabulary! Varnished with round corners, they're also built to last! Each card includes the following information:

* A large picture of the kanji
* On-yomi and kun-yomi readings
* Stroke-by-stroke diagrams
* Look-alike kanji to help distinguish between similar characters
* Vocabulary that uses this kanji, including kanji combinations

Grab them from Nihon Ichiban below!

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