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Downloadable Hiragana & Katakana Workbook

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The Hiragana + Katakana Print Yourself workbook has one simple goal: to save you time when you study. The book contains one page for each hiragana and katakana character, showing the stroke order for each. In the practice section, underguides will help you to write each character properly to start, and the lines will become thinner and thinner with each iteration until they disappear, so that at the end you can write each character without help.

Each page contains a link to the Nihongo Ichiban home page, where you can also watch a video with the stroke order of each character.

Why download? Think about it: When buying a physical book, you need make copies of each worksheet you want to use. Meanwhile, this book downloads as a pdf file and allows you to print single pages, or the whole book, on your own printer as often as you like.

Of course, it's not difficult to create your own hiragana and katakana worksheets—anybody can do it. But why spend hours making your own worksheets when you could get an entire book of them for less than $2? Isn't it better to spend your time practicing Japanese rather than creating your own learning materials? Just click and get going!