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Kushiro Video Highlights Hokkaido in High-Def

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Ask anyone who has traveled throughout Japan and they'll probably tell you that one of the best places to visit is Hokkaido. After all, the island prefecture is packed full of breathtaking secrets and scenic spots that will take anyone by surprise.

One example is Kushiro, a region located on the eastern side of Hokkaido. Filled with large swathes of nature thanks to a number of meandering rivers, tranquil lakes and grand mountains, visitors will find great pleasure in exploring this hidden corner of Japan.

Paddle down a river in the Kushiro Marsh...

…or ride the Kushiro Shitsugen Norokko Train to view stunning scenery of the Kushiro Wetlands, which is inaccessible by car.

A bustling harbor regularly supplies the city with fresh seafood that makes its way to a local fish market and Ganpeki Robata, a seasonal open-tent restaurant.

What’s more, there’s plenty in store for everyone regardless of season.

Kushiro is a hidden gem of a wonderland often overlooked by tourists, which is surprising considering that it even has its own domestic airport. Now is the perfect time to visit as the entire landscape will be painted in astounding yellows and oranges of autumn, making it a great holiday destination to drink in the extraordinary scenery.

All that will fade when winter rolls around, but Hokkaido offers so many fascinating things to do—staying in an ice hotel for example!—that even if travelers are done exploring Kushiro, they won’t run out of destinations any time soon.

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