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Escape Reality at Surreal New Tokyo Café

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“Chamber of Raven” sounds like the perfect name for the hub area of a video game. However, Chamber of Raven doesn’t exist in a virtual realm, but in real-life Tokyo. Its mix of Gothic and steampunk aesthetics still make it look like a Final Fantasy game. In fact, the place is said to be owned by former employee of Square Enix.

But people don’t come to Chamber of Raven to exchange their pile of werebeast pelts for a set of upgraded light armor, or to learn the words to the incantation that’s been forbidden since it destroyed the civilization of the ancients, yet is the only way to defeat the evil encroaching on the borders of the kingdom. No, they come to eat and drink, because Chamber of Raven is an ultra-stylish café in the Ogikubo neighborhood.

Even the maps to the restaurant look like directions for an epic treasure hunt.

The different rooms of the café each have their own unique feel, from the entryway with what looks like the skeleton of a compact dragon on display to the aptly named Crimson Bar.

There’s also a room that can be rented out for private parties, for those who’re dining with several comrades.

Considering the restaurant’s advanced design sensibilities, you might expect its website to be plastered with photos of its fare. Instead, it presents a series of masterfully illustrated representations, like this drawing of a BLT.

The cocktails, like the iced mojito green apple and caipirinha, look like they shouldn’t just quench your thirst, but also cure status ailments.

Even the chocolate atop the banana pancakes is exquisitely decorated.

And because every fantasy franchise needs a cute, comic relief mascot character, the latte art coffee features an adorable little raven.

Despite all the time and effort that’s gone into making Chamber of Raven feel like someplace from a world of magic and mystery, you won’t need to secure bags of gold or fistfuls of gems if you’re planning to go. Drinks run about ¥800 (US$7.30), most food items are around the ¥1,000 mark, and even the fancier items are under ¥1,500, which is pretty much in line for independent cafés in Tokyo.

Fore more information on the Chamber of Raven, including its address, be sure to click on the full story below from SoraNews24!

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