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Say 'I Choose You' & 'I Do' With Pikachu

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As any fan will tell you, choosing which Pokémon to send into a battle is an extremely important decision. Choose poorly, and you’re on your way to strife and sadness! But make the right decision, and good things are sure to come. Actually, those are things you could say about choosing a spouse as well.

That's why Japanese accessory maker U-Treasure has designed a new line of Pikachu engagement and wedding rings. When you’re ready to pop the question, U-Treasure’s Pikachu engagement ring (officially listed in its catalog as the Pikachu Electric Motif Ring) features the beloved series mascot holding a compact melee diamond in his paws. The wave-like line of the ring is designed to help make your fingers appear slender, and wrapping around the front of the band you’ll find a lightning bolt.

Five choices of material are available. Pictured above is a mix of platinum and 18-karat yellow gold.

You can also opt for two-toned white and yellow gold, or monochrome platinum, white gold or yellow gold (shown clockwise from top left to bottom right).

It stands to reason that if your love is the kind of person who’d be thrilled by a Pikachu engagement ring, they might also want a Pikachu wedding ring (since Pokémon-themed wedding jewelry is really the sort of thing it’s hard to be indifferent about). U-Treasure has you covered on that base as well, with its Pikachu wedding ring (listed as the Electric Motif Pair Ring-Women’s Version).

This more understated piece is also a wave-line ring, with a streak of lightning holding a melee diamond and Pikachu leaping for joy in celebration of your nuptials.

Once again, it’s available in mixes of platinum and yellow gold or white and yellow gold, as well as solid-color platinum, white gold or yellow gold.

Oh, and if you’re thinking you couldn’t bear to take your Pikachu engagement ring off, even after you’re officially married, worry not. U-Treasure has designed the rings to complement one another, so that you can have two Pikachus on your finger at once.

But U-Treasure doesn’t just have Pikachu wedding rings for the bride. There’s also a men’s wedding ring, with a subtle design of a lightning bolt and Pikachu’s tail, which lets the groom’s fandom fly under the radar, yet still be easily sensed by other Pokémon enthusiasts.

Finally, if you’re looking to propose in the most Pokémon-themed way possible, U-Treasure has a wooden Poké Ball Accessory Case, which you can use to reenact Professor Kukui’s marriage proposal from the anime’s Sun and Moon arc.

All items go on sale July 27, and can be ordered through U-Treasure’s online store. Depending on your choice of material, the wedding rings are individually priced between ¥73,000 and ¥115,000 (US$650 and $1,030), while the engagement ring runs between ¥88,000 and ¥135,000 (about US$783 to $1,201), with the central diamond purchased separately. The Poké Ball Accessory Case is ¥12,960 (about US$115).

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