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Pokémon Happy Meals — Catch 'Em All!

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McDonald’s Japan has just unveiled its extensive lineup of Pokémon toys to be included with Happy Meal (or “Happy Set,” as it’s called in Japan) orders. Naturally, franchise mascot Pikachu is heavily represented, with goodies including a key chain that doubles as a tail-slapping disc shooter and a propeller toy.

Witness the raw power of Pikachu blasting Team Rocket cut outs with its tail!

Since the Pokémon Happy Meals are being offered through midsummer, it makes sense for one of the toys to help you stay cool—which is the job of the Poké Ball water pistol, pictured above next to the Eevee spinning top.

The Poké Ball water pistol is advertised as being useful for target practice, but it’s also a way to stealthily squirt your friends!

Pikachu gets one more moment in the spotlight with the Pikachu balance puzzle.

The starting Pokémon of Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon are accounted for as well, with a Rowlet spinning top and disc shooters for Popplio and Litten.

There’s even a special Pokémon-themed box—decked out with multiple Pikachus and Eevees—plus the Poké Ball motif in McDonald’s familiar red and gold, which you can fold into a flat tray (and perhaps use as an arena for the Eevee and Rowlet spinning discs to battle one another).

The Pokémon Happy Meals go on sale July 6, 2018, and will be available for a limited, as-yet undetermined time.

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