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Riding in a Transformer Will Soon be a Reality

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Kunio Okawara is one of the anime industry’s most respected mecha designers, as you’d expect of the man who designed the original Gundam as well as the mobile suits for much of the franchise. So when word came that he’d designed an all-new robot, called the J-deite RIDE, we were pretty excited.

Okawara’s design isn’t for an anime, but something that exists in the real world. That’s not a scaled-down model kit either, but a full-sized, roughly 4-meter (13.1-ft) tall, actual transforming robot that two full-sized adults can ride inside!

A joint effort between three Japanese tech firms—Brave Robotics, Asratec and Sansei Technologies—J-deite RIDE (with the first half of “J-deite” pronounced “jay” and the second half rhyming with “light”) is sometimes an awesome robot with glowing eyes. But at other times, it’s a sporty two-seat car, because Brave Robotics believes that a robot that doesn’t transform isn’t really a robot at all.

In the video above, you can see the car-to-robot transformation.

In a display of well-thought-out user friendliness, the J-deite RIDE’s reconfiguration mechanics don’t require the driver/pilot and passenger to exit the vehicle while it’s transforming.

The two occupants can remain in their seats as the machine changes from car to humanoid form, or vice-versa.

This isn’t a still model, either. The J-deite RIDE can take steps in biped mode...

...and the car can operate as, well, a car, putting power to its drive wheels and turning.

Before you go selling your current car (or giant robot), be aware that the J-deite RIDE isn’t quite ready for mass production or private-use sale just yet. Right now, its creators are looking into focusing on displaying it at exhibitions, as well as installing the model as an amusement park attraction.

The first such display is coming up on May 5, 2018, at the Golden Week Doki Doki Festa at Tochigi Prefecture’s Twin Ring Motegi motorsports circuit, where it’ll be stealing the spotlight from the boring, non-transforming cars!

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