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How to Text Like a High School Girl

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Slang changes with the times, which makes it one of the most difficult parts of a language to utilize. This is especially true in Japan, where high school girls create slang—used exclusively in texts—so fast that it's difficult to keep up. Fortunately, Tokyo Girls' Update is here to catch you up with their list of 10 popular text slang phrases.

10. 'Furorida'

10. 'Furorida'

Furorida, or furo ni hairu kara ridatsu suru (風呂に入るから離脱する) is a phrase that means, "I’m going to take a bath so I can’t message for a while." In Japanese furorida is also used for the state of Florida in the U.S., so it's easy to confuse. It’s hard to imagine when you would ever have to use this phrase, but maybe if you’re in a heated conversation with some friends in a group chat you might want to let them know that you’ll be gone for a bit.

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